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ArtCAM Express now offers extra tools for creating and editing vectors

Delcam has added new tools for the creation and editing of vectors to its ArtCAM Express software, which is designed for hobbyists and users new to CNC.  The price of this entry-level version of the company’s ArtCAM artistic CADCAM system remains at US$149, £99 or 125 Euros. 

ArtCAM Express 2013 offers 2D drawing, over 600 free pieces of relief clipart, and 2D and standard 3D machining functions, and so provides an ideal introduction to computer-based manufacturing for companies involved in engraving, signmaking, and other areas of decorative metalworking and woodworking.  A range of modules are available to add extra design and machining functionality.

The added tools for vector creation and editing make it easier for users to develop their own designs.  For example, new snapping options make vector creation much quicker.  They include the ability to snap to anything in the design, including any point on a vector, intersections between vectors, guidelines and key points within a model, such as the origin, centre and corners.

Vectors can now be joined automatically when they are mirrored using the many mirroring options in ArtCAM Express.  This allows faster creation of vertical and horizontal vector patterns.  In addition, vectors can now be offset interactively by dragging the offset to the required position as well as being offset by a specified amount.

The Vector Doctor within ArtCAM Express has been enhanced so imported vectors can be cleaned up more quickly.  Duplicate vectors and vectors longer, shorter, larger or smaller than specified sizes can be identified immediately.  In addition, "quick select” functions help to spot unobvious open vectors that could cause machining issues.

The optional modules for advanced 2D machining and nesting for ArtCAM Express have been enhanced to allow bridges to be placed, moved along and resized on vectors.  Moreover, with the nesting module, these bridges can also be applied to vectors before nesting.

For full details on ArtCAM Express and to download a trial version, please go to www.artcam.com/express.