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A range of products made by Interior Gallery Decors with ArtCAM Pro

Pioneering use of Delcam’s ArtCAM Pro routing and engraving software in the Middle East region has taken UAE company Interior Gallery Decors from modest beginnings, with a single seat of software and one router, to a significant business in joinery and furniture manufacture.  The firm has recently added the companion ArtCAM JewelSmith software to start a similar move into the jewellery sector.

Interior Gallery Decors was founded by Mr. C.S. Anand in 1992 at a time when the UAE government had started to open its doors to foreign investors.  Despite the opportunities brought by this change, the business only really started to grow after introducing ArtCAM Pro and a CNC router nine years ago.  The company now has fourteen CNC routers and three seats of ArtCAM Pro.  It has been particularly successful in the region’s rapidly growing luxury hotel market where its clients include the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, Madinat Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab in Dubai, and Al Alam in Muscat.

"These major hotel projects involve a huge amount of hard work, strategic planning, and commitment from my team,” commented Mr. Anand.  "They would be impossible without the strength of our software and the significant support from Delcam’s Middle East office.  The technical experts there treat our relationship more like a business partnership, rather than being just seller and customer.”

"The carving capabilities have improved steadily over the nine years we have been using the software,” added Mr. Anand.  "These developments have boosted our productivity by ten fold.  I have not seen any other software that offers anything near the capabilities that ArtCAM Pro now gives us.  We can produce virtually any design that our clients request and show it to them on the computer.  Then, with ArtCAM, we can machine the shape into all types of material.”

"We’ve always believed in focusing on our customer’s needs and in delivering a quality service.  The Delcam software has helped us build a reputation as first-rate carvers for all the interior, joinery and furniture related industries.”

"I’m very proud of being one of the first people in the region to have bought ArtCAM Pro software” concluded Mr. Anand.  "As well as an amazing product strength and impressive software development, Delcam Middle East has a knowledgeable team that give excellent after sales support.  What more I could have asked for?”