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Card entered by Hallmark Cards

Delcam, leading CADCAM software developer claims that the 2008 US User Group meeting for the ArtCAM product held in Denver, Colorado on the 24-26th September was the company’s most successful in its history.  Delcam North America President, Glenn McMinn who was present for the event reported that the networking amongst the users is the most unique dynamic he has ever witnessed. "I don’t think any other software company holds such an event that allows customers to share ideas, accomplishments and development wishes in such an open platform” said Mr. McMinn.  "ArtCAM, is definitely our most unique product in this regard”.

Mr. McMinn admitted that he was surprised with the turn out for the Design Competition on the evening of the first night at which customers were invited to show their best pieces to other customers and explain how they made them in ArtCAM. "The diversity of the items was very impressive” he added.  

The 2008 event was the first time a Design Competition had been added to the ArtCAM User Group Meeting. Customer displays ranged from small jeweler and coin pieces to large engraved displays. (The image above shows the design detail of the card entered by Hallmark.)

Thanks to all the companies that participated. The winner in the JewelSmith category was Douglas Allen, from Douglas Allen Company, and in the ArtCAM Pro category, Bob Gregory from Adirondack Studios Inc. Copies of their work can be view on the ArtCAM forum.

Workshops at the 2008 user group included demonstrations showing how to use some older functionality in different ways in order to achieve better and quicker results. As well as time saving tips and tricks and what’s new in ArtCAM 2009. In addition, members of the ArtCAM development team were on hand to speak to users regarding new software wishes and enhancements in a interactive development table; Stuart Clark, Senior Software Engineer Development and Ed Powell, ArtCAM Product Manager Development.

On the new features, users were very impressed with the new embossing wizard. It can modify 3D shape in minutes while maintaining the salient details and the illusion of depth from the original model. Many users were also happy to see the new PDF viewer added. It can embed a dynamically viewable 3D model of a design making it easier to relay information to customers before ever cutting a thing, a much faster and more efficient way to get customer approvals of final designs.

Long time user Pierre-Luc from Aitkens Pewter in Halifax, Canada said "Great job as usual  it is a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful event”  and  user Mindy Yastrebinatz of AM Ross & Son in  Jenkintown, PA said  "Everyone involved did a great job thank you. I feel more confident using the new version of JewelSmith.”