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Delcam will launch ArtCAM 2009, the latest release of the company’s design and manufacturing software for signmakers, on booth 4232, at ISA to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from 16th to18th April.  Many of the existing routines in ArtCAM have been improved across all product lines; ArtCAM Pro, ArtCAM Insignia and ArtCAM Express.

Working from a flat or three-dimensional view, ArtCAM users can specify the height, depth and shape that they would like to add to specific areas of their artwork.  Similar to Photoshop, ArtCAM provides an easy-to-use layer system where design sections can be put on individual layers, ideal for making any subsequent changes.  If the designer wishes to create a low relief background for their sign, perhaps a picture to go behind some text, ArtCAM’s new embossing technology is extremely useful.  With ArtCAM 2009, the user can take any 3D model, and freely move and rotate it into position.  A custom perspective effect can be applied to the model and then the ‘Embossing Tool’ will reduce the model within seconds to almost any height on the design, while still maintaining all the prominent details and illusion of depth from the original model. 

For the lettering the user can choose from ArtCAM’s true-type font library or custom make their own fonts using ArtCAM’s ‘Font Editor’. 

To add a highly textured or decorative finish to the sign, rather than sandblasting or hand carving, ArtCAM provides a vast array of texture and sculpting tools.  Alternatively, users can apply their own personalized sculpture brushes created using their preferred imported textures or own tool design. 

Another particularly useful tool is ArtCAM’s ‘Inlay Wizard’.  This wizard enables the creation of precise male and female parts for inlaid text and graphics that will generate a perfectly flat surface finish.  For illuminated signs, this will also ensure that all unsightly shadows are avoided. 

Once happy with the design the sign-maker can then select the tools they want to use for machining from a database of over 250 machine tools.  New post processors have been added for Konsberg Esko, CAMaster-Cobra-X3, Biesse Rover 84.40, Masterwood CN-12, GMR Mitsubishi M70, Busellato Jet 3006 and Genesis Evolution.  To prevent material wastage, the software not only nests the pieces to be cut on their selected material according to their true shape, but it can also run a simulation of the pieces being machined using the chosen tools and the given material block dimensions.  This has proven extremely beneficial to current ArtCAM customers as they can change their chosen tools before machining and recalculate the toolpaths, saving them not only time but protecting their bottom line.