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Queen's Award for Enterprise 2003
ArtCAM can produce high-quality visualisations for presentation to customers before manufacturing begins

Delcam's ArtCAM software is used in the manufacture of many different products incorporating intricate decoration, including jewellery, coins, badges and medals, signs, confectionery, tableware, packaging and footwear. It enables people with creative flair, such as artists, designers and engravers, to increase their productivity and raise quality by using computerised manufacturing techniques, alongside their traditional skills.

Unlike conventional CADCAM systems, which tend to require knowledge of engineering and mathematical principles, ArtCAM is a more artistic application, which makes extensive use of colour in developing designs. This approach makes it very easy to produce sophisticated designs, even for people that are not usually strong in technical subjects.

Another important benefit of ArtCAM is that it includes both design and manufacturing capabilities within a single program. This allows users to control the machining of their designs on equipment ranging from the small desk-top equipment used in the jewellery industry to the large woodworking machines used to produce signs and architectural decorations. In this way, designers can ensure that their original design concept is captured accurately in the finished product.

The Award recognises the continuing development made in the ArtCAM software since it was first introduced almost ten years ago. The latest version includes more powerful on-screen visualisation. This allows new design proposals, such as fully-assembled ring designs with gems set in place, to be viewed on the computer for customer approval before manufacturing begins.

While only those in manufacturing industry may be aware of ArtCAM, there are few people that have not seen examples of products that it has been used to design. For example, the signs used to promote Virgin's V-Shops were created by sign company Blaze Neon with ArtCAM. Similarly, signs for the sales and service centres for International Truck and Engine Corp., created by Icon Identity Solutions with ArtCAM, can be seen at regular intervals on all American highways.

People around the world can also find examples of products produced with ArtCAM in their pockets. The software is used in the manufacture of coins at many mints, including the Royal Mint in the UK and others in Canada, Australia and Russia.

Even the Queen has seen the quality of workmanship possible with ArtCAM. At last year's Royal Ascot Race Meeting, a prize designed and manufactured using the software was presented by Her Majesty to the winner of the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes.