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Delcam has added 3D modelling tools to ArtCAM Insignia

Delcam will hold a free training day for its ArtCAM Insignia 3D CADCAM software at its Birmingham headquarters on Thursday 15th March.  The free training is available to existing users of ArtCAM software and to signmakers, furniture manufacturers, engravers and sculptors wishing to learn more about computer-based 3D design and machining.  However, because the training will include hands-on practice, attendance will be limited to the first thirty registrants, with a limit of two delegates from any company.

To register for the free training, please go to www.delcam.co.uk/insignia_3d.

The latest release of ArtCAM Insignia software includes a range of 3D modelling tools for volume production of artistic items in all types of materials from wood to metal or even ice.  The price of the new program is only £1,700, making the move into 3D manufacturing more affordable than ever.

Like all the members of the ArtCAM family of software, Insignia allows artistic users to produce high-quality decorative items, with all the productivity and consistency benefits of computer-based manufacturing but without the need for any detailed engineering knowledge.  Full details are available on the ArtCAM Insignia website – ww.artcaminsignia.com.