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Wine rack created by the wood doctor

Already furniture companies worldwide are using ArtCAM’s Computer-Aided Design & Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CADCAM) software solutions to produce cabinets, doors, wine racks, fireplace mantels, kitchen interiors and much more. Aimed at skilled artisans, Delcam’s range of ArtCAM software requires little to no engineering knowledge to create high quality decorative pieces of furniture. 

However the furniture designer prefers to work, whether by first sketching their designs on paper, creating the piece in a familiar CAD package and then importing it into ArtCAM or designing directly within the software, they can easily be accommodated.  ArtCAM will create vectors from the imported artwork or line drawings and use them to create the 3D decorative flourishes that can distinguish a piece from its competitors or as a basis for creating the fast and efficient toolpaths for machining.   

ArtCAM Express, the entry-level solution provides an ideal introduction to computer-based manufacturing for small and new companies and offers basic drawing, as well as 2D and 3D machining functions. With a database of over 250 tools it features the most sought after raised-panel tool shapes in the furniture industry: Ogee, Roman Ogee and Roundover, to produce attractive edge finishes. 

Perfect for mass production applications, our mid-range product, ArtCAM Insignia includes vector-based design, extensive 2D machining as well as basic 3D machining functionality.  Ideal for cabinet makers, it allows for an array of holes to be drilled simultaneously as well as duplicating numerous hole-patterns across a sheet of material using its flexible drill-bank strategy.  Insignia can create that hand crafted look to furniture, create inlays in your designs or machine a variety of textures.  To minimise material wastage, Insignia will also nest items to be cut as closely together as possible according to their true shape, while still allowing for material or wood grain direction if necessary.

ArtCAM Pro, the advanced package includes all the features available within Insignia but with greater design and machining capabilities.  For complex projects, such as a cabinet with individual panel designs, panels or components can be designed and saved separately and then assembled into a 3D model of the complete piece. These can then all be stored as a single project.  Each model/ component can then be cut and pasted between different files to easily create new product lines or to re-use designs items.

With all ArtCAM products, the product design can be simulated to see how the product will look prior to machining, a fantastic tool when seeking client approval.