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The “design-only” version of ArtCAM JewelSmith can be used to create stunning jewellery

Delcam has released "design-only” versions of its ArtCAM Pro and ArtCAM JewelSmith software.  The new Designer versions are aimed at users that want to take advantage of the powerful design features within the software but do not need the systems’ machining options.

The ArtCAM software family enables people with creative flair, such as artists, designers and engravers, to increase their productivity and raise quality by using computer-based design methods, alongside their traditional skills.  Unlike conventional CADCAM systems, which tend to require knowledge of engineering and mathematical principles, ArtCAM is a more artistic application, which makes extensive use of colour in developing designs.  This approach makes it very easy to produce sophisticated designs, even for people that are not usually strong in technical subjects.

Delcam anticipates that the new versions will be particularly attractive in three cases.  Firstly, most larger companies with a number of designers find that they need more design seats than they need machining seats.  By purchasing a mixture of full capability and design-only seats, these companies will be able to obtain all the software they need at a lower total cost.

The second group that will benefit from the lower price of the new option will be those companies using rapid prototyping rather than machining to manufacture their designs.  Both ArtCAM Designer versions include STL output and so can supply design data to RP machines.

Finally, for customers that already own PowerSHAPE and PowerMILL, the Designer options can be used to create decorations or textures that can be wrapped onto product or tooling designs created in PowerSHAPE, using Delcam’s Total Modelling techniques.  The combined models created in this way can then be machined using PowerMILL rather than the machining options within ArtCAM.