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Seagrapes Sign

With the advancements in Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing (CADCAM) technology and the reduction in price of CNC routers, Sign-making companies can now branch out from laser printed signage and enjoy creating quick and affordable sculptural signage to give them that competitive edge. 

Whether creating signage for directional, informative, commercial or brand implementation purposes Delcam’s range of ArtCAM software (www.artcam.com) can create modular, custom-made, bulk or traditional signage with ease. 

Currently used worldwide by award winners of the Signs of the Time, UK Sign Industry, and programmes such as the Best Commercial Sign and the Best Retail Sign, ArtCAM customers are enjoying the 2D and 3D design and machining features available with ArtCAM. 

To meet the diverse budgetary and design needs of each individual company, Delcam offers a range of products with a clear upgrade path for up and coming companies. 

ArtCAM Express, the entry level product provides an ideal introduction to computer-based manufacturing with basic 2D drawing, and 2D and 3D machining functions.  Express supports a database of over 250 tools, which can be edited or added to, including Ogee tools to add decorative edges to signs.  It also stores all Windows TrueType fonts in its extensive font library. 

ArtCAM’s mid-range product, ArtCAM Insignia includes vector-based design, extensive 2D machining as well as basic 3D machining functionality.  It can give that hand crafted look to signs, create inlays or machine a variety of textures.  Additionally, to meet your customer’s branding guidelines Insignia also allows the designer to create individual type fonts.  For mass production applications, EG for a retail chain store, machining toolpaths can simply be repeated to create a batch of signs.  To minimise material wastage, all items or signs to be cut are placed as closely together as possible according to their true shape. 

ArtCAM Pro the advanced package includes all the features available within Insignia but with greater design and machining capabilities.  For more complex projects, such as the featured Seagrapes sign by Classic Signs, components can be designed and saved separately and then assembled into a 3D model of the complete piece. These can then all be stored as a single project.  Each model or component can then be cut and pasted between different files so that you can re-use individual design items in other projects.

With all products in the ArtCAM range, simulations can be run to show how the product will look prior to machining, a fantastic tool when seeking client approval.