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A typical carving created with ArtCAM Pro at Shanfari

Shanfari Trading & Furnishing Co (STFC) has found that intricate carvings can be made easily since the company acquired Delcam’s ArtCAM Pro software.  Mr Sulemain, General Manager at STFC, believes that the decision to use ArtCAM Pro has paid rich dividends for his company.  He has purchased two more routing machines during recent years, while he is full of praise for the support his company receives from Delcam’s Middle East office.

STFC is a part of the Shanfari Group of companies, one of the largest groups of its kind in the Sultanate of Oman and even the Middle East.  It has undertaken woodworking projects for the Divan of the Royal Court and also for museums throughout Oman for the last twenty-five years.  It has also provided its services for interior design and other turnkey projects to palaces, commercial properties, high-profile villas and hotels.

Mr. Sulemain recalled the events that led to the purchase of ArtCAM Pro back in 1999.  "We had just purchased our first CNC router and needed some three-axis software capable enough to generate intricate 3D carvings and their respective toolpaths.”  He had invited various software suppliers, including Delcam Middle East, to give a presentation on their products, focusing on how the software solution would be used to design the carvings and then to machine them.  After watching the demonstration of the ArtCAM Pro software, Mr. Sulemain and the staff at STFC were convinced that it could solve all their existing issues concerning generation of the most intricate shapes, including the V-carving used for the palace doors.

Mr Hari, in charge of the CNC department, was particularly impressed with the ease of toolpath generation for intricate 3D carvings and the short learning curve.  Within one week, his CNC operators had learnt how to generate the toolpaths for even the most complex carvings.

More recently, STFC has been using its ArtCAM Pro software to program the newly-acquired twin-table, four-spindle, Homag routing machine.  With the Reichenbacher twin-table, four-spindle machine and a Fanuc-based, twin-spindle system, this takes the total number of machines at the company to three.