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Bird house design from Blue Moon Designs, one of the more unusual applications of ArtCAM software

Delcam is pleased to report that its ArtCAM online forum (http://forum.artcam.com/) has recently gained its 5,000th member.  Over the past four years, almost 18,000 articles, many with multiple postings, have been contributed by the members, covering all aspects of the use of ArtCAM software plus a wide range of related issues, including the selection of materials and equipment.

In addition, the site contains around 500 examples of models created in ArtCAM.  Together, these cover the full range of applications of the software, such as jewellery, signs, plastics moulds and furniture.  Recent enhancements to the site include the introduction of RSS feeds to give automatic notification of new information and enhanced security to protect users from spam and other unwanted mail.

"ArtCAM is targeted mainly at creative people who may not have the mathematical and engineering skills normally needed by CADCAM operators,” commented ArtCAM Development Manager, Edward Powell.  "Even though we make the software as easy to use as we can, the tips and tricks on the forum are very valuable to our users.  They range from introductory tips for those that are new to the software, right through to advanced help for experienced users undertaking especially complex projects.  There is also extensive material on the use of ArtCAM as an educational tool, including comments and questions from lecturers and students.”

Delcam’s ArtCAM software makes it easy to produce sophisticated 3D designs from all types of 2D artwork, even for people that are not usually strong in technical subjects.  It enables people with creative flair, such as artists, designers and engravers, to increase their productivity and raise quality by using computerised manufacturing techniques, alongside their traditional skills.