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ArtCAM 58US, Delcam demonstrates its $149 CNC sign-making software

Since the launch of Delcam’s entry level CNC software, ArtCAM Express 2011 only 2 months ago, it has had enormous success in the signage industry.  The customisable software, developed to design and machine 2D and 3D signage, is being sold by Delcam for only $149, making it even easier for those sign makers amongst us to expand our sign-making portfolio. 

M. Boyd Raska, who recently purchased the software comments, "You can't go wrong with ArtCAM Express!  I purchased it a few weeks ago and haven't stopped designing items to cut.  ArtCAM Express is a very powerful and user friendly tool and comes with many models to import into your signage if you wish.” 

Like its big brothers, ArtCAM Insignia and ArtCAM Pro, ArtCAM Express 2011 comes in both 32 and 64 bit versions and has a fully customisable interface.  It allows sign makers to design their own 2D artwork or, if they prefer, import a range of 2D & 3D artwork.  They can also create inlays and access libraries of relief clipart and fonts.  What’s more, if the user requires further functionality from the software it can be customised with the new ArtCAM Express modules.

ArtCAM Marketing Manager, Rebecca Freemantle comments, "The Bitmap Layers and Font Creator modules have been really successful with our signage customers.  The Bitmap Layers module, essentially allows multiple bitmap images to be imported into the software.  The sign maker can then switch between these bitmap layers, to create the vector artwork required to machine their sign.”

She continues, "The Font Creator is another useful tool as it allows the user to create their own unique fonts by altering any font in the ArtCAM font library and then storing it for future use.  This is great for creating customer logos or custom designs and can easily be repeated and used in other designs.”

Other modules available to sign makers include: The Texture Toolpath module, which creates hand-carved effects or unique textures, and the Vector Tools module, which allows vector designs to be created on several layers that can be shown or hidden to help manipulate parts of a design.  The Vector Tools module also includes further functionality to edit and create vectors suitable for machining. 

Additionally, if the sign-maker needs to machine multiple items, the Nesting module can place all the pieces to be cut on the sheet of material according to their true shape to prevent any material wastage. 

If you have yet to see ArtCAM Express 2011, you be pleased to know that on the 26th of July, Delcam is hosting online demonstrations throughout the course of the day.  To attend one of the free online demonstrations go to: www.artcam.com.

If you can’t make any of the free online demonstrations, Delcam offers a free trial version of ArtCAM Express 2011 and its modules as well as short informative videos from the ArtCAM Express website: www.artcamexpress.com.