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Delcam’s ArtCAM Insignia software gives users a better return on their InfoTEC router

Router manufacturer InfoTEC Group has signed an agreement allowing it to supply Delcam’s ArtCAM Insignia software with its range of routing equipment. Buyers that are undertaking more complex work will have the option to upgrade their software to ArtCAM Pro.

ArtCAM Insignia enables people with creative flair, working in applications like signmaking and furniture manufacture, to increase their productivity and raise quality by using computerised manufacturing techniques, alongside their traditional skills. Unlike conventional CADCAM systems, which tend to require knowledge of engineering and mathematical principles, ArtCAM Insignia is a more artistic application, which makes extensive use of colour in developing designs. This approach makes it very easy to produce sophisticated designs, even for people that are not usually strong in technical subjects.

The InfoTEC Group is a world leader in the manufacture of routing and engraving machines for a variety of materials, including wood, plastics, and metals. The Group also produces a range of thermoforming machines. For both types of machine, InfoTEC provides its customers with high quality at competitive prices.

Among its many awards, InfoTEC has won three Gold Medals for the most interesting product on display at the annual Euro-Advertising Exhibition in Poznan. In April 2003, the prize was given for the company’s 1512 B F/H/T CNC Router and, in April 2004, for its THERMTEC 1005 thermoforming machine. This year’s Gold Medal was presented jointly to InfoTEC and Delcam for ArtCAM Insignia.

When asked about the decision of to supply Delcam software with his equipment, InfoTEC founder and Managing Director Pawel Terlikowski said, "We are proud of the quality and productivity of our machines. However, we recognise that our customers need software that is both easy to learn and flexible in use if they are to obtain the best return from their investment in our equipment. We have been recommending Delcam’s ArtCAM software to our customers for some time and are pleased to be able to supply the system to our new clients.”

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