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Pieces designed with Delcam’s ArtCAM JewelSmith have delighted Antony Jacob’s customers

"Delcam’s ArtCAM JewelSmith has made a huge positive difference to the way I work and has been a very worthwhile investment,” claimed Anthony G. Jacob from Glasgow’s Marant Jewellery.  Mr. Jacob has been a designer/jeweller for over 25 years, specialising in one-off commissions from his shop on the south side of Glasgow, while also working with fellow jeweller, David Bercott, to produce larger volumes for his trade business.  His work is all in gold, platinum and precious stones, but can range from the simplest of wedding bands through to complicated necklace designs.

Before he added ArtCAM JewelSmith, time was always the enemy for Mr. Marant.  Problems always arose from the man-hours it took to design each piece, make a silver master and then cast the design in the appropriate metal. 

While at the jewellery exhibition in Earl’s Court, he visited the Delcam stand and was introduced to the ArtCAM JewelSmith design package and prototyping machine.  "I was highly impressed with the speed and accuracy that the system provided and decided to go down the more ‘high tech’ line of jewellery design,” he remembered.  "After a lot of thought, investigation and numerous phone calls to the ever-helpful Delcam team, I purchased the package.”

After an initial training course in Birmingham, Mr. Jacob started to produce his first designs with incredible success within weeks.  "As in any new project, time and experience count,” he commented.  "With the support of the Delcam staff, I was soon producing amazingly accurate and high-quality pieces in a fraction of the time.  This impressed and delighted my customers, and has enabled me to increase my turnover.”