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Delcam’s ArtCAM software is used for a wide variety of signmaking applications

Delcam’s latest release of the ArtCAM family of signmaking software will be showcased at the Viscom exhibition to be held in Milan from 13th to 15th November.  ArtCAM is the most widely-used 3D design and manufacturing software for the signmaking industry, with the new version set to further increase its sales.

Unlike most other CADCAM software, ArtCAM is aimed at artisans rather then engineers.  Features are designed to minimise the learning curve so that even beginners to CNC technology can start using the program as quickly as possible.  All products within the range of ArtCAM software offer upgrade options so users can move from entry-level programs to more advanced solutions as their businesses develop.

The entry-level version, ArtCAM Express, is believed to be the easiest-to-use signmaking software package on the market.  It provides a very versatile program for smaller businesses, offering basic 2D drawing, and 2D and 3D machining functions, plus the ability to import different file types from other design systems.  In addition, the software includes a range of drawing tools for creating shapes, and for editing or repairing designs.  The options for text creation support a wide range of fonts and also give complete control over spacing, kerning, and formatting of lines and paragraphs.  

Once the design has been finalised, the software offers a variety of strategies for CNC machining.  The software is supplied with a tooling database that can be edited or added to by the user at any time, plus post-processors for a wide range of engraving and routing equipment.

The main advances in the new versions can be found in the Insignia and Pro versions and concentrate on the design process.  A new "Embossing Wizard” will allow users to tilt and rotate their 3D model to change the viewers’ perspective.  Once happy with the image, within seconds ArtCAM’s new embossing tool can modify a true 3D shape.  The resulting design still maintains the salient details and the illusion of depth from the original model.

Another new and innovative feature in ArtCAM is the ‘Relief Analysis Tool’.  This will highlight any sharp edges or discontinuities within the design that could cause subsequent problems.  The user can easily see and make the necessary design modifications before incurring any timely or costly manufacturing delays. 

At the end of a design process, approval is required before machining can take place.  Rather than taking screenshots or sending large cumbersome files by e-mail, ArtCAM’s new PDF viewer can embed a dynamically viewable 3D model of the final design in an efficient, industry-standard and printable document.