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ArtCAM Pro Rendered Wardrobe

Delcam has released a new version of its ArtCAM Pro CADCAM software for artistic applications.  Unlike most other CADCAM systems, the program is aimed at skilled artisans rather than engineers and requires little knowledge of engineering or computing.  It has been particularly successful in the signmaking, woodworking and jewellery industries, where it allows users to increase productivity, improve quality and deliver new designs more quickly.

The main change in the latest version is the addition of a new file type called the 3D Project.  This allows the user to create multiple models within a single project, using the wide range of 3D modelling tools within the software.  The individual models can then be arranged to create larger assemblies.  For example, the sides of a cabinet could be designed as individual components and then assembled into a 3D model of the complete piece.  Once the design had been approved, the separate panels could then be arranged onto a sheet of material and their machining programmed in a single operation.

3D Projects also allow the simultaneous visualisation of objects that will be created from different materials and the subsequent division of the components into separate files for manufacturing in the various materials.  Items can be cut and pasted between different files, so allowing libraries of components to be built up for use in a variety of designs.

For models built up from simpler shapes in the same material, the complete design will be able to be produced as a single piece, either by rapid prototyping or by machining using a multi-axis CNC machine or a simpler machine with manual indexing of the material.

The most important enhancement in ArtCAM Pro’s machining is a new 3D offset strategy that gives a much better surface finish with harder materials.  This will be especially useful when machining production tooling from ArtCAM designs, such as dies for greeting cards, and when engraving decorations created in ArtCAM into moulds for plastics.

A new Machining Wizard has been added that simplifies the setting-up of multi-axis machining of complex models.  In addition, a new option allows models to be sliced into layers that can be machined individually and then assembled.

Many of the existing routines in ArtCAM Pro have been rewritten for the new release.  The new algorithms have produced significant speed improvements, especially in 3D modelling and in 2D machining.

Finally, ArtCAM Pro is now able to import solid and surface data from the full range of CAD systems supported by the Delcam Exchange data translation service.  Formats covered include CATIA, Unigraphics, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, AutoCAD Inventor and Solid Edge.