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Jim Duggan was part of the team that created this design for the World Ice Art Championships

Delcam’s ArtCAM artistic CADCAM software has given huge benefits to Jim Duggan, the founder of Atlanta-based Ice Sculpture Inc.  He claims that, since he added the software, he can produce the highest-quality ice sculptures in half the time that would be required to carve them by hand.

Ice Sculpture Inc. produces bars, wedding sculptures, corporate logos, sorbet dishes, shot glasses and many other designs in ice for corporate events, weddings, retirements, birthday parties, anniversaries and other special occasions.  The company began using CNC ice-carving equipment from its early days in business, with the goal of producing more accurate and more realistic ice sculptures in less time. 

"ArtCAM was recommended to me by the company that made my ice-carving machine,” Mr. Duggan remembered.  "I started using it soon after I first opened the business.  Over the years, I have looked at many other programs and repeatedly made the decision to continue with ArtCAM.  ArtCAM makes it easy to create complex designs and generates the NC code that our carving machine uses to produce very crisp and exact ice sculptures.  The time savings are even greater when we are able to reuse an existing design as the basis for a new creation.”

"ArtCAM produces CNC programs that result in very accurate cuts.  Our hand-carvers are very good but, when you compare a hand-cut logo side by side with one produced on a CNC router, you can easily see the difference.  With ArtCAM and a CNC router, the lines are absolutely straight and everything lines up perfectly.  As well as getting better precision, we can produce a job in about half the time that would be required using the traditional method of making templates and cutting them out by hand.”

"Every time that I have revisited my decision to work with ArtCAM, I have confirmed the wisdom of my original choice because of its exceptional combination of power and ease of use,” Mr. Duggan commented.  "For example, it was very easy to teach the program to my assistant.  When I need technical support, I never have to wait more than thirty minutes for a call back.”

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