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The emould@work project was designed to increase the impact mouldmakers can have on the new product development cycle in terms of speed, productivity and quality of output.

A 2-year, EU-funded Eureka project, looking at improving the way manufacturing supply chains work, emould@work has culminated in three key technology and business process innovations:

  • A team approach integrating CAD and CAM to alleviate bottlenecks
  • Wizards to automate key mould design and manufacturing processes
  • A portal with powerful supplier sourcing and project management tools to encourage greater supply chain collaboration

This technology project concerns everyone involved in new product development. It was led by market-leading software company Delcam, the GTMA, leading UK mouldmakers, and supported by similar organisations in continental Europe. Project Partners have all seen substantial improvements in terms of speed, productivity and quality.

The opportunity to provide real input to what are important toolmaking software developments has been extremely beneficial to us.
Steve Watson, ARRK

We’re well on the way to a complete solution for anyone connected with the injection moulding supply chain, particularly in the areas of sourcing and specifying moulds through to mould design and component ordering: essential for sound project management.
David Odlin, DMS

Collaborative projects like this mean we can work really closely with toolmaking companies, understand their problems better and more easily find ways to resolve them. This project should be a real catalyst for change in the way the industry works together.
Stuart Watson, Delcam

The results of the emould@work project are vitally important to GTMA members. Working together, we can compete with anyone, anywhere in the world.
Julia Moore, GTMA

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