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e-CustomA Web-based Collaboration System for Mass Customization : e-CUSTOM aims to bridge the gap between mass production and mass customization, engaging the customer in the initial design of the products and realizing the manufacturing of these personalized added-value products in a novel, coordinated, eco-friendly and efficient decentralized approach.

Mass production does no longer seem suitable for today’s market and is being replaced by mass customization. The need for satisfying an individual customer’s requirements is now stronger than ever before. Customers require that the product they buy fulfil their personal requirements in an individualized manner.

The e-CUSTOM project aims to overcome the challenges that the European manufacturers are faced with, by developing innovative approaches, which can now make it possible to prepare unique product designs, manufacture these products and communicate them on a mass basis. The innovative approach of the e-CUSTOM will support the higher alignment of production with the actual customer demand, while shortening the design time for personalized products by up to 15%.

The e-CUSTOM consortium contains an excellent combination of partners coming from industry, research institutes and universities, with excellent expertise in the execution of RTD projects and strong commitment to cooperation, in order to deliver to the European manufacturing companies the best possible project results.

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